Rockafillies Interview posted Jan 26, 2006

1) So tell us how you came to be the lead singer for Dawn Shipley & The Sharpshooters? What were you doing before?

I really wasnt doing anything before. I have been singing all my life, whether in the shower or the church or school choir. I always wanted a band, but I was timid. I had some good friends in Austin who gave me a push and started getting me to sit in with folks and start working towards having my own band. But it wasnt really until I moved to Los Angeles that I knew what I wanted to do, and Id had more time to write songs, so over all I was more prepared. And then I just happened to be talking to a new friend to find out that he wanted to start a band, and he had all the guys lined up. All they needed was a singer! Needless to say, we started practicing soon after, and though a few members have changed, here we are still going today!

2) How 'bout sharing some of your influences with us?

I have so many influences that this is a very tough question! Probably my biggest influence is Patsy Cline. I also love Janis Martin, Wanda Jackson, Charlene Arthur, Barbara Pittman, Ruth Brown, Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochran, Johnny Cash, Lefty Frizzell, Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis, Don Gibson, Buddy Holly, Ricky Nelson, Tommy Collins, Carl Smith, Warren Smith, Kay Starr, Johnny Horton, Connie Francis, Brenda Lee, Everly Brothers, Rose Maddox, and the list goes on and on and on

3) To the non "traditional music listening" crowd out there, how would you describe the Sharpshooters?

Well, the easy way is to describe it as old rock-n-roll and honky tonk. I often give the like Elvis, Buddy Holly, or Patsy Cline reference, too. The music is generally upbeat, for the most part, and fun! Thats the important part! We rarely have shows where people who didnt know what they were in for didnt enjoy themselves, whether they generally like traditional music or not.

4) How's it feel to be a rockin' gal up on stage?

Great! Its always a lot of fun. Its great to be able to make people so happy!

5)do you feel you are treated differently, being a female in the roots music scene

Yes, sometimes. Sometimes it works in our favor, sometimes it doesnt. In life, though, I generally try to ignore the differences in being a woman and just go out there and do what I want!

6) Favorite show you've played to date?

There have been so many fun ones! In fact, we almost always have a blast. Our San Antonio show was definitely great, and probably my favorite so far. It was awesome to be on a bill with Wanda Jackson (amongst all the other great acts!), the crowd was awesome, it was great to have so many family members there, and it was great to get to play where I was born and grew up.

7) And what about your favorite show that you've seen?

Probably the most moving show was Ruth Brown at Viva Las Vegas a few years ago.

8) Five must-listen-to artists....

Patsy Cline, Truly Lover Trio, Marti Brom, Roger Wallace, and The Go Getters.

9) A lot of us got the chance to see ya'll last summer when you came down to San Antonio to join in on the Wanda Jackson show...any future roadtrips planned for ya'll in the coming year?

We sure hope so! Its a busy year, but we do hope to make it out to New York and Texas at least this year. Were dying to make it over to Europe, as well. Its hard having day jobs and trying to get in touring as well!

10) Anything else you wanna share with folks?

Yes! Look out for our next cd, Baby If I, that will be out in the next couple months, definitely prior to April 1st. Ill try to get a couple sneak peaks up on our myspace profile shortly.

Also, thanks for all the support! It really means a lot to us!