Dawn was awarded 2006 Americana Female Singer/Songwriter of the Year and Americana Artist of the Year by the Los Angeles Music Awards for the blind judging competition!


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East Cost Rockabilly's Review of "Shoulda Known Better": Could it be that 12 years went down the River Rhine since Dawn recorded her first album? Oh yes my friends, she also recorded another album for the Spanish El Toro Records label back in 2006. The album is a great mix of authentic late 1950's Rock'n'Roll / Rockabilly, a bit of Hillbilly / Western Swing and even some jazzy barroom stuff. There's some great record hop material on this hot little dittie like the rockin' Jivers "Mad About You", "Little Too Late", "Forever And Goodbye" and "Impossible" , the top strollin' Beat of the title track "Shoulda Known Better" or a kool version of Jimmy Pritchett's piano rocker "That's The Way I Feel". Her voice reminds me sometimes of another fine US rockin' gal, Marti Brom. Some tracks do have a very nice Hillbilly /Western Swing sound, complete with some fine Country style guitar pickin'. It's really a top notch album recorded with a fantastic backing band and in my opinion her best record so far! DJ Wildgoner

Shoulda Known Better Review from Fred Turgis of The Rockabilly Chronicle: Mad About You - Don't Want Your Lies - Shoulda Known Better - Blood Suckin' Poppa - Voodoo You - That's The Way I Feel - Impossible - All I Can Do - Little Too Late - Your Only Gal - Forever Or Goodbye After a vinyl single and a download only song, Dawn Shipley returns this time with a brand new lp recorded by Shorty Poole (of Dave and Deke Combo fame) with some of the finest musicians on the scene like Kevin Stewart (Big Sandy) and Carl Sonny Leyland. With 10 originals and one cover (jimmy Pritchett's That's the Way I Feel), it's a good and varied album with swingin' stuff (Your Only Gal), Rock'n'roll, boogie and of course plenty of rockabilly. Keeping it short is also a good point, it contains no filler and avoids the repetition. The best song is, for me, the hard to classify Voodoo You, that mixes gypsy acoustic guitar, piano, haunting mood and superb vocal. Forget what I said about short album, she could (should!) have done 10 more songs like this one. What I really like with Dawn Shipley is that she never tries to sound or to be what she's not. How many female singers try to sound wild or to be the new Wanda Jackson with mannerisms that sounds totally artificial as if they learned it in a book called << Rockabilly for dummies >>. Shipley sings with her own voice and heart and that's why her albums are always enjoyable.

"Sweet!" (regarding "Sugar Mama") - DJ Del Villarreal, Motorbilly Radio

"Think a more rockin' Patsy Cline, Dawn Shipley's Sharp Shooters hit the target every time and deliver an excellent blend of '50s honky tonk and Rockabilly in a very authentic fashion". Blue Suede News Mag. #65

Baby If I Review From Fred "Virgil" Turgis - The Rockabilly Chronicle: You'll find a wide variety of genres on Dawn Shipley's second album. The opening track Bear With Me Baby is a solid rocking song with an early 60's beat. Of course, there's a majority of Rockabilles like Anyone But You (nice guitar work with some Scotty Moore echoes in it), the frantic rhythm of Baby If I, the cover of Glen Glenn's One Cup Of Coffee and on the rural edge full Moon Keeps On Shining. Empty Stretch Of Highway a haunting country song with echo on the guitar has some more modern vibes in it. I's probably one of the best cut of the album and I suppose I'm not the only one to think that because you find an alternate take more acoustic and slower that ends the album. On the traditional country side Make Believe is a true and classic Honky Tonk with good steel throughout and Patsy Cline's Crazy Dream is slightly played faster than the original, but is still a great country weeper. Warm voice, slight rhythm and jazz chords on the guitar are on the menu of Goin' Crazy a love song a la Fever. Sharp Shootin' a fine hillbilly instrumental is another occasion for guitarist Joel Morin to shine on picking guitar and on steel. The rest of the band has to be credited too for their solid work on the album: Tony Macias on bass and Tony DeHerrera on drums. Good job.

Baby If I Review From Midwest Records: DAWN SHIPLEY & the Sharp Shooters/Baby If I…: A thoroughly modern gal from Texas with a rockabilly/hillbilly streak doesn't channel the 50's energy of Wanda Jackson so much as an amped up Patsy Cline. Loaded with sincere handmade charm, Shipley and her crew love their work and do everything they can to make it sound like play. Like the lo-fi stuff Ray Campi and that rockabilly bunch from the 70's did, Shipley is building her own thing from the ground up and we're all having a grand time as the building goes up. Certainly a tasty slab of fun from today’s rockabilly underground.

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